The launching of African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) which successfully launched in Accra at Aviation Center on the September 25th 2018,as part to champion the well being of animals in Africa.

The NGO said they will engage the service of stakeholders and all animal lover’s to help pass a law that will overseas the well being of animals at large.

Speaking at the ceremony at Aviation Center in Accra, Hon Stephen Attatsi who’s the the chairman of ANAW,stated that, records revealed in some East Africa countries like Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda and some southern countries also like Namibia and South Africa has made it through parliament to pass a legislation to oversee animals welfare.

He again noted that,even in some foreign countries already pass a legislation that protect animals,also is on record that 1822,Act to prevent improper treatment of cows was pass by the British parliament.

He further stated that,protection of animal act was introduced in 1911,and since has gone through several updates.
Where’s he was still addressing the gathering, Hon Stephen speaks about Rabies,saying Rabies is a deadly disease that mostly affects cats and dogs,He mentioned, dogs are the most affected animal that carries the virus most.

He also said the disease is so deadly and can easily be transferred from the affected animal to human through bites since the virus live in the saliva of the affected animal.

When you have Rabies infection,you will only be vaccinated since there is no cure for this deadly virus disease and in two weeks,you the affected person will be barking like dog before you die.

Rabies was discovered in 1814 by a France whiteman.

Hon Stephen Attatsi then appealed to the public to come over to Ehi a town in the Ketu North Municipal in a Volta Region where the main dubar of World Rabies Day will be head with the expectation to vaccine about 1,000 dogs for free.

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