2nd Edition Of The Annual Denyigba Sasa Cultural Festival [Photos]

The second edition of the annual Denyigba – Sasa Cultural Festival was held at Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region.

Known originally as Kete Dance among the Anlos, the Amedzrosisi Dance was copied and adopted by the people of Dzodze to entertain guests during yuletides.
‘Amedzro’ in Ewe means Guest and its performed purposely to entertain visitors who come to town for the festivities.

Dancers usually appear in ragged cloths similar to masquerades. Each performer appears in particular attributes showing warrior-like prowess, mystical powers, youthfulness, and old age, and specializes in one or more dancing skills including acrobatics.

The group thrills large crowds who usually converge on the Xmas and New Year days to witness. The dance apart from projecting the culture of the people, affords parents the opportunity to confine activities of their children during this seasons to ensure they aren’t seen elsewhere in activities that could expose them to danger.
Denyigba Radio, Dzodze in partnership with Sasa Clothings, Ho is rejuvenating the age old dance into a #cultural festival after a successful maiden event last year December 2017.

Below are the some scenes from the event captured by Voltaonlinegh Skefotos SASA Clothing

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